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Looking to create the perfect picture?

Our professional photographers will guide you and apply their talent to create that perfect picture. Whatever the occasion, our complete portrait studio is well equipped to produce the setting and style you desire.

Don't just look professional....Be professional

Perfect for the professional looking for a headshot - portrait for publicity, websites, Linkedin, articles, ads, profile photos, brochures etc...

The Business Photo Package $ 129 (plus taxes)

By Appointment only.


  • up to 30 minutes studio session
  • See all your proofs online - private gallery
  • Pick your favorite 2 digital Images.
  • We mildly retouch them (blemishes, soften wrinkles, reduce darkness under eyes, teeth whitened if needed)
  • Sent to you in high resolution within 1 - 2 days by web transfer.

Full length Poses not available with this package, extra charges will apply.

Tips & Techniques for outstanding Corporate Portraits:
The clothing you choose is very important.
The goal for any portrait is to direct the eye to the face in the portrait. All other elements should be secondary.
Try and avoid Bold stripes, plaids, checkered patterns, and prints, as they are visually confusing and do not photograph well.

Planning for your session


For men, it's always good to have it cut about a week before your appointment.for women, it's always a good idea to have your hair styled before a session.

Skin problems

Don't worry if you develop a skin problem. Our finished portraits are mildly retouched to eliminate blemishes and soften hard lines.

Facial scars or birthmarks

If you have a visible scar, or birthmark, please let us know whether you want to have it retouched or softened.


For those who will be doing your portrait with glasses on, depending on the type of glasses you wear if there is a glare, we can remove normal glare on glasses, but if it is more than normal glare, extra retouching fees will apply.

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