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Any order placed during this period will be fulfilled on and after August 8th.

Video Transfers

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Convert videos and tapes

Future-proof old photos and videos consider services that will convert your old videotapes to DVD's, especially  if you've got precious footage of family and friends.

Tape will not last forever and you could easily damage aging VHS cassettes and older film formats by trying to play them back. Once they're on disk you also "rip" them to a computer and upload them to social media, with free software you can get online.

Here is the list of videos and tapes we accept:

  • Super 8 Reels
  • VHS
  • Beta
  • 8 mm Tapes
  • Mini DV
video transfers

In-store photo services

  • Digital photo printing
  • Scanning
  • Photo restoration
  • Passport, Visa and ID photos
  • Video transfer: 8mm, DVD, super 8 reel, VHS, Mini DV, Beta
  • Film processing: 35mm, APS film, 120/220 film, B&W film, E6 film
  • Photography studio
  • Custom framing
  • Slide film processing
  • Self-serve kiosk
  • Laminations

Digital photo printing

Our photo lab is equipped with the finest photo finishing equipment and we print your pictures on high quality photo paper. On top of this, our technicians will make sure that every photo print turns out just the way you want it by adjusting the color, the brightness and even cropping them if necessary. Come in with your memory device and we will transform your memories into fabulous photos.

Self-service photo kiosk

If you prefer the convenience of our self-service photo kiosks, come and visit our store where we have digital photo kiosks set up for your convenience. Want to add a creative touch to your pictures, you can easily fix red-eyes, crop and add effects to your pictures before printing them on high quality photo paper.

Kant Photo, your local specialist for photo printing, passport photo, film developing, photo restoration, framing, photo scanning and on-site portrait studio, conveniently situated downtown Montreal.

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